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* Process Research & Development.

Process philosophy:

Innovation; fewest steps; fewest solvents; maximize productivity per step; employ through processing; minimize protecting groups; catalytic methods; avoid dangerous reagents; atom economy; minimize waste; minimize energy usage; avoid classical resolutions

Process Service:

Synthetic route design, evaluation and scouting;

Process development and optimization to reduce cost and maximize throughput;

Analytical method development for in-process control and final product analysis;

Evaluation of processes for environmental health and safety issues;

Identification of impurity profiles for raw materials, intermediates, and final products.


Steps Reagents Overall Yield Product
Initial Process 6 Expensive ,Dangerous(LAH,BBr3) 35.2% Off-white
Optimized Process 5 Cheap and safe(KBH4,AlCl3) 52.5% White(good work-up and crystallization method)



* FTE contract in Process Research & Development.

Our FTE-based projects focus on the process chemistry to aid pharmaceutical process research and development efforts.


* Crystallization method to explore and services

Crystallization is the essence of Pharmasci, we offer the service of crystallization for you


* Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing.

Custom synthesis in laboratory scales (milligrams to kilograms)

Custom Manufacturing contract with our joint manufacture partner (kilograms to tons)

Pharmasci particularly specialized in such reactions: Friedel-Crafts, Oxidation, Reduction, Nitrosation, Bromination, Coupling


* Drug Discovery Support Service

Small-scale synthesis of lead drug candidates, lead analogs and scaffolds; Reference standard, impurity and metabolite preparations


* Analytical Services

Analytical method development and validation;

Stability studies;

Analytical characterization;

Reference standard qualification;

Quality control analysis.